It’s been a long time since I’ve made a post!

I’ve been…living life!

I’ve been doing all kinds of fun and interesting things. Since you all couldn’t be there I’ll¬†just give you a glimpse.

I did some ….

sleeping; good hard sleeping,cuz of all I’ve been doing so much. ūüôā

eating; had some special Tai food with shrimp,strawberry sauce on waffles,a really creamy almond gravy,roast on Sundays.

moving and living; at home,my place and housitting.I’m not sure where I live,I sleep here,keep my stuff there and eat the best food at home! …where else?

work; not just my jobs of watching a four-year-old and house/dog sitting, but I got to help my family with their various¬†jobs,mail route,cleaning,clearing pricky-pear,burning …wow that was fun!

fun things; I took a super fun three-wheeler ride with some friends. I also shot my brother’s shot-gun.

learning; how to drive my other brother’s stick shift pickup.

teaching; kids Sunday School class. Last week one of them proclaimed, “I love Sunday School!” (‘musta done somethin right).

Laughing , Crying , Stretching , and Growing


mmmmm…. and I’ve been makin cookies.

And so much more!


~Life is precious,Life is sweet




Tropical Twinkies

Back when I was buying all those cake mixes for that big order, I accidently bought three white and one pineapple. I needed four white so I had to run to the store in the middle of baking.

¬†So,here I am stuck with this pineapple cake mix…yuck! Not to mention lots of colored leftover frosting.

So I now introduce the world to:

Tropical Twinkies!



¬†I really won’t need a patent on these because nobody’s crazy enough to make them.

*big sigh*

 They came,they ate and they left. Yes,the relies are gone.

Now our house seems a lot bigger…..


I’m looking forward to December. I don’t have to wait very long tho,cuz it’ll be here tomorrow.

My birthday is on Saturday.

And I can’t wait for SNOW!

The first Thanksgiving…celebrated with balloons

 This morning,I found myself in a very small room with balloons flying,popcorn scattering and kids yelling;everywhere. Believe it or not we were celebrating Thanksgiving. I told them the story of the first day on this continent that a day,or several days,were set aside for thanks.

¬†¬†¬† We went¬† through the reasons that those people came here and what they suffered in so doing. When we got to the part about their first winter,I gave them their snack;five¬†pieces¬†of corn each. I thought it was a wonderful idea,but they weren’t so impressed. They were starting to get the idea that the Pilgrims didn’t have it so good. They were pretty thankful when I gave them popcorn instead.¬†

¬†¬†¬†¬† Then for fun and games. I didn’t think that wrestling¬†and shooting bows and arrows where such encouraging activities. So,we had mazes,balloons,straws and paper airplanes. They had a blast breaking out of the norm,blowing straw papers,having balloon¬†contests,folding airplanes and generally being chaotic.

¬†¬† Different,yes,but I thought it was fun. Someone even said that it was the best! When I step out of that little room when it’s all over people ask me how it went. I just smile and reply that it was good. All the while thinking,’You have no idea!’


Me,the cute little Sunday School teacher

¬†So,today,this morning to be exact,I had the privilege of teaching¬†eight kids. Ages 4- 11…or 12.

We sang some songs. Wow,they can really sing Onward Christian Soldiers! They also wanted to sing a little song I didn’t know. It’s called The Little Missionary. It was sweet,and as they were singing I was thinking,’go or send…or train them,yourself,in the small town of White Bird,why not?’
I’ve never been around little kids in Sunday School before. Haven’t been around them.¬†They knew these stories I was telling them on flannel graph (ohhhh!). So, I got to ask them questions. ‘Would you share your lunch,if that was all you had and you didn’t know what Jesus was gonna do with it?’ ‘Would you share it with everyone?’ ‘How about your toys?’ ‘Would you share Jesus?’ They were all willing.

¬†Then we did a craft. Making walnut boats with the little paper sails. They were immensely impressed when I got out the lighter and started melting wax to secure their tooth pick masts. Pretty soon I had all the boys gathered around me. I put on some music for the girls to sing to. We were having such a good time. Then I looked at the clock and asked if they usually leave about then. They said,’oh no,we can stay longer.’

I finally got them a snack and out the door for their mom to pick them up. They asked if I was teaching next week. … ūüôā