Paisley Baby Cake


Nov. 30

It’s the last day of November,it’s true,but I’ve already started making Christmas cards. Just thought I’d get a head start. I’m using pictures out of old magazines and making them nontraditional.  Leave me your address and I’ll send you one! Unless I’ve already made one for you. 😉 Don’t worry,Grams,yours is already done. ❤

We’ve had a lot of snow already. I guess that’s what put me in the mood for Christmas greetings.

I just added a really neat song to my vodpod over there and the right towards the top. It’s extraordinarily well done,please listen to it;you’ll be impressed.

Until next time,

-gazing above

Our newest house guest

Well,I guess he’s not all that new. He’s been here for a few weeks. When he first showed up I didn’t think he’d be so popular. Now my brothers have to have him around. They just enjoy him so much.

 I think he’s ok,but he has this strong odor about him. He always hangs out in the kitchen. He smells up the breakfast table. The boys let him help with every meal. He has one particular taste…and really there’s only so much of that I can stand! Even if his part doesn’t go into the meal,he’s always around for the eating part. 

Also,I’m always asking him to move. Is it too much to ask that he stay where he belongs? But the boys want him around. I guess it’s what’s inside that counts. At least he’s mild.

Here’s a picture of him.







          …..why are you looking at me like that?

definition of pathetic


 1. causing or evoking pity, sympathetic sadness, sorrow, etc.; pitiful; pitiable: a pathetic letter; a pathetic sight.

2. affecting or moving the feelings.

         3. pertaining to or caused by the feelings.

         4. Monica Smith when she’s sick with the cold.

  Yeah,there should be a picture of me,but I would be overwhelmed with get well cards,and my P.O. box isn’t very big.