Well, I have to apologize for being such a absent blogger this year. This has been a very exciting year for me! Back in May, I began a courtship with a wonderful man by the name of Donnie Kiele.

We had an amazing summer. Lots of memories made.

So, we got engaged September 20th on a backpacking trip in the Seven Devils.

Getting married January 2015!

Give thanksing


As it’s been getting closer to Thanksgiving,I’ve been thinking more and more about the last year. I think I ate Thanksgiving dinner with my left hand. That was just after my little plate collision with my right elbow.

 I was about to turn 18. 

Earlier in that month of Nov. I had become a rebelutionary,after reading the book by Alex and Brett Harris. I wanted to do hard things. I just wasn’t sure how. How do you search for hard things to do?

 Little did I know then that I didn’t have to look but identify the situation. I got many chances to do hard things.

I got to suffer a little pain,colds,the flu and bloody noses,until just breathing was hard.

I got to stand up for what I believe in. Stand up for truth. Even one of those harder things;myself. 

I got to gain and lose all friends,as some came from far away and then all moved far away. I was given opportunities for some wonderful good times,and to lay them down when they were done. 

I learned that trusting gets you hurt,but to trust anyways;especially a God who loves me.

 I had many simple moments in thanks of Him; like water droplets on the grass,like the sound of rain falling,like bright warm sunshine,and the stars at 5:30.

 Chances to sing and teach Sunday School. Wonderful times with my pastor’s family.

 Having my charge run and hug me when I pick her up from Head Start.

I really can’t complain when I get sugar in my water instead of salt. Having a matched pair of escorts is pretty handy. Even getting patted on the head. Overwhelming opinions and protection.

Good food and a warm house.

The unexpected circumstances that turn into grand adventures.

 All in all it’s been an exciting year.

          It’s life and I’m thankful for a chance to live it.

                                                                                                                            for His return

The first Thanksgiving…celebrated with balloons

 This morning,I found myself in a very small room with balloons flying,popcorn scattering and kids yelling;everywhere. Believe it or not we were celebrating Thanksgiving. I told them the story of the first day on this continent that a day,or several days,were set aside for thanks.

    We went  through the reasons that those people came here and what they suffered in so doing. When we got to the part about their first winter,I gave them their snack;five pieces of corn each. I thought it was a wonderful idea,but they weren’t so impressed. They were starting to get the idea that the Pilgrims didn’t have it so good. They were pretty thankful when I gave them popcorn instead. 

     Then for fun and games. I didn’t think that wrestling and shooting bows and arrows where such encouraging activities. So,we had mazes,balloons,straws and paper airplanes. They had a blast breaking out of the norm,blowing straw papers,having balloon contests,folding airplanes and generally being chaotic.

   Different,yes,but I thought it was fun. Someone even said that it was the best! When I step out of that little room when it’s all over people ask me how it went. I just smile and reply that it was good. All the while thinking,’You have no idea!’


I’m leaving…

…for the weekend that is. I’m going to Family Camp at Alacca Bible Camp. Funny thing is,I’m leaving my family. I’m going with church family,still counts right? Anyways,I’m leaving this afternoon and I’m sure I’ll have a great time. Don’t worry I’ll let you in on a little of the fun on Monday when I get back with pictures!