Crazy Love~

Just last Friday, I was pleasantly surprised to receive this book…

By: Francis Chan

I had heard about it before and I really wanted to read it. Especially after talking with someone who had enjoyed it.

So,when it was handed to me the other night, I felt really loved.




My voice is gone…

…I gave it away last night. I finally got a chance to go to the Grangeville Health and Rehab Center for a service. The church that I attend has the month of Dec. to go up there and put on a service for them. I went with the pianist.We met the pastor from Stites and his wife. I passed out baptist hymn books and sang. And sang. And sang. After 6 or 7 Christmas carols a few hymns and more carols I didn’t have much left. Then we sang two more songs. Wow. But It was fun.

After the message I picked up the hymn books. I held a lady’s hand. She couldn’t say much. She just wanted me to hold her hand. So,I did,until she was done. After that she wanted to talk to the pastor and repented of her sins asking Jesus to save her.

Then the four of us went out to eat and fellowship before the long drive home.

I think I sang to much…but maybe not.

Give thanksing


As it’s been getting closer to Thanksgiving,I’ve been thinking more and more about the last year. I think I ate Thanksgiving dinner with my left hand. That was just after my little plate collision with my right elbow.

 I was about to turn 18. 

Earlier in that month of Nov. I had become a rebelutionary,after reading the book by Alex and Brett Harris. I wanted to do hard things. I just wasn’t sure how. How do you search for hard things to do?

 Little did I know then that I didn’t have to look but identify the situation. I got many chances to do hard things.

I got to suffer a little pain,colds,the flu and bloody noses,until just breathing was hard.

I got to stand up for what I believe in. Stand up for truth. Even one of those harder things;myself. 

I got to gain and lose all friends,as some came from far away and then all moved far away. I was given opportunities for some wonderful good times,and to lay them down when they were done. 

I learned that trusting gets you hurt,but to trust anyways;especially a God who loves me.

 I had many simple moments in thanks of Him; like water droplets on the grass,like the sound of rain falling,like bright warm sunshine,and the stars at 5:30.

 Chances to sing and teach Sunday School. Wonderful times with my pastor’s family.

 Having my charge run and hug me when I pick her up from Head Start.

I really can’t complain when I get sugar in my water instead of salt. Having a matched pair of escorts is pretty handy. Even getting patted on the head. Overwhelming opinions and protection.

Good food and a warm house.

The unexpected circumstances that turn into grand adventures.

 All in all it’s been an exciting year.

          It’s life and I’m thankful for a chance to live it.

                                                                                                                            for His return

Me,the cute little Sunday School teacher

 So,today,this morning to be exact,I had the privilege of teaching eight kids. Ages 4- 11…or 12.

We sang some songs. Wow,they can really sing Onward Christian Soldiers! They also wanted to sing a little song I didn’t know. It’s called The Little Missionary. It was sweet,and as they were singing I was thinking,’go or send…or train them,yourself,in the small town of White Bird,why not?’
I’ve never been around little kids in Sunday School before. Haven’t been around them. They knew these stories I was telling them on flannel graph (ohhhh!). So, I got to ask them questions. ‘Would you share your lunch,if that was all you had and you didn’t know what Jesus was gonna do with it?’ ‘Would you share it with everyone?’ ‘How about your toys?’ ‘Would you share Jesus?’ They were all willing.

 Then we did a craft. Making walnut boats with the little paper sails. They were immensely impressed when I got out the lighter and started melting wax to secure their tooth pick masts. Pretty soon I had all the boys gathered around me. I put on some music for the girls to sing to. We were having such a good time. Then I looked at the clock and asked if they usually leave about then. They said,’oh no,we can stay longer.’

I finally got them a snack and out the door for their mom to pick them up. They asked if I was teaching next week. … 🙂

Strong message for graduates ~

Learn to forget. 

Determind to remember. 

Commit to His love.

Listen to this meaningful message by Ravi Zacharias



Halts by me that footfall;
  Is my gloom, after all,
Shade of His hand, outstreched caressingly?
  “Ah, fondest, blindest, weakest,
  I am He Whom thou seekest!
Thou dravest love from thee, who dravest Me.”

Francis Thompson