Hey, did you know that I (once) had a small cake business?

A long time ago…

I have still have the website up for viewing. Not taking orders anymore tho!

Check it out!

And here’s a slideshow of all my cakes.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

12 thoughts on “Monicakes

  1. Thanks! I’m looking at your blog.Girl,you have quite a talent yourself.Keep it up!

  2. Adore your cakes! must admit to having a bit of a cupcake obsession (baking and eating!) and love decorating them. I love ‘In Christ Alone’.. such an amazing song!

  3. Thank you! I babysit a four-year-old and when I was making cupcakes she kept saying; “and then we’ll eat them!” I had to keep reminding her that I was selling a dozen and if we had extras we would eat them. (we did.)

  4. I just showed your blog to my friend Dianne and we think you could ship us a cake. Maybe someday, but, what an idea!

  5. HI Monica, Got your infor. from Tammy O. I need cakes!! Looking forward to having you make them for Hannah’s wedding. Beautiful work. Maryann G.

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