Nov. 30

It’s the last day of November,it’s true,but I’ve already started making Christmas cards. Just thought I’d get a head start. I’m using pictures out of old magazines and making them nontraditional.  Leave me your address and I’ll send you one! Unless I’ve already made one for you. 😉 Don’t worry,Grams,yours is already done. ❤

We’ve had a lot of snow already. I guess that’s what put me in the mood for Christmas greetings.

I just added a really neat song to my vodpod over there and the right towards the top. It’s extraordinarily well done,please listen to it;you’ll be impressed.

Until next time,

-gazing above

‘just have to share

  •        Since I love music,I’m always finding songs that I really like. Thus,I want to share them with everybody! Yesterday I found a convenient way to do just that. It’s called Vodpod;you’ll notice it there on the side.  In that will be all the videos that inspired me and I want you to see.

            So,please,check ’em out!