Well, tomorrow is my birthday. So, here’s my birthday speech;

 I have been blessed with a collection of years. Each one full of adventure, growth, surprises, laughter, pain, tears and smiles…. But most of all love. I have always been loved.

If I was to give this past year a name, it would be ‘health’. I have been far more healthy than I’ve ever been. Energy has actually entered my vocabulary! And beyond that, I’ve grown healthy in communications, relationships, and perspectives.

A big thing that’s happened this year; I challenged myself to my limit. I saw a job I wanted but didn’t feel qualified.

I did it, I applied, got trained and am now acting as Postmaster. Actually I’m filling in for a postmaster in a small office, that doesn’t have one. But I drive ten miles ,six days a week and run the whole office by myself. 

People keep telling me that this job  is going to give me opportunities (to work in the postal service) but really, my whole life has prepared me for this job!

I’d like to thank God for my life and all the lessons, blessings, and the salvation of my soul!

My family for all the adventures we seem to have everyday! And for picking me up when I fall. And forgiving me when I fail.

My friends and church family, for good company and good examples of godly living.

Higher up and further in!

This is the beginning of another year!


           -gazing above
Post office where I work



P.S. I’m turning 23.




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