My cheese-making adventure

Recently I made two batches of cheese out of fresh goat’s milk  and cow’s milk.
I captured each step of the process.

I brought the raw milk up to temperature

Added yogurt

Set over night at room temperature

Dissolved half a tablet of Rennet in water

Tested for a 'clean break'

Cut the curds

Brought up the temperature to tighten the curds

Drained off the whey

Added a teaspoon of salt

Mixed in salt

Placed the warm curds in cheese cloth in a form

Pressed the curds for twelve hours

Goat --- Finally I had fresh cheese --- Cow

Then, I rubbed on salt and wrapped them in cheese cloth

I could have cured my cheese at that point,but I ate it fresh before it had a chance to get a rind.

I immensely enjoyed making and eating my cheese.

 I will be making more just as soon as I get more fresh milk.