We’re Beekeepers now!

These are the pictures from our first checking of our hives, newly installed with bees.

We drove them deeper into the hive with smoke.

The five darker frames in the middle are from the nuc. box that the bees were in when we bought them. In the middle of them you can see the tab of the queen cage.

By lifting the queen cage by the tab we see that she and the workers ate away the candy plug. She is now free to go about her duties as queen.

 This is brood comb. Where the eggs are laid,fed and hatched. It also holds honey and pollen to feed the young bees.

They have already started building comb on this new frame. We added one more at this time to make ten removable frames.

Here is a close up of one of our frames.


3 responses to “We’re Beekeepers now!

  1. Very cool! Our new K/1st teacher and her family have bees and brought some to show us about a week ago. 🙂

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