It’s been a long time since I’ve made a post!

I’ve been…living life!

I’ve been doing all kinds of fun and interesting things. Since you all couldn’t be there I’ll just give you a glimpse.

I did some ….

sleeping; good hard sleeping,cuz of all I’ve been doing so much. 🙂

eating; had some special Tai food with shrimp,strawberry sauce on waffles,a really creamy almond gravy,roast on Sundays.

moving and living; at home,my place and housitting.I’m not sure where I live,I sleep here,keep my stuff there and eat the best food at home! …where else?

work; not just my jobs of watching a four-year-old and house/dog sitting, but I got to help my family with their various jobs,mail route,cleaning,clearing pricky-pear,burning …wow that was fun!

fun things; I took a super fun three-wheeler ride with some friends. I also shot my brother’s shot-gun.

learning; how to drive my other brother’s stick shift pickup.

teaching; kids Sunday School class. Last week one of them proclaimed, “I love Sunday School!” (‘musta done somethin right).

Laughing , Crying , Stretching , and Growing


mmmmm…. and I’ve been makin cookies.

And so much more!


~Life is precious,Life is sweet