That was the  title of my very first post….

One year ago today!

Yes,it’s my blog’s birthday.

It’s been a good year


177 posts


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2,720 total views


House warming card

Heart Warming

In St. Charles,IL, there is a man by the name of Hal Honeyman. He owns a bike shop call ‘The Bike Rack’. He makes all kinds of special bike,including ones like my cousin uses.

Here’s the home page.

This video makes me cry. It’s really good. Just take time to see how excited these kids are.

Tropical Twinkies

Back when I was buying all those cake mixes for that big order, I accidently bought three white and one pineapple. I needed four white so I had to run to the store in the middle of baking.

 So,here I am stuck with this pineapple cake mix…yuck! Not to mention lots of colored leftover frosting.

So I now introduce the world to:

Tropical Twinkies!



 I really won’t need a patent on these because nobody’s crazy enough to make them.