*big sigh*

 They came,they ate and they left. Yes,the relies are gone.

Now our house seems a lot bigger…..


I’m looking forward to December. I don’t have to wait very long tho,cuz it’ll be here tomorrow.

My birthday is on Saturday.

And I can’t wait for SNOW!


4 responses to “*big sigh*

  1. I was just thinking of you and your cousins the other day and wondering how Dustin is doing. It’s nice to see a picture of everybody. You “kids” all grow so fast it seems although to be honest I haven’t seen you in 3 1/2 years. 😦 One of these days I have got to make it up to visit you.

  2. He’s doing good,he just got a bike! Which he’s really excited about. I haven’t seen it,but he talked about it while he was here. Yes,you are! You keep saying that,but I haven’t seen you yet! I’m begining to doubt you exist anymore…….

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