definition of pathetic


 1. causing or evoking pity, sympathetic sadness, sorrow, etc.; pitiful; pitiable: a pathetic letter; a pathetic sight.

2. affecting or moving the feelings.

         3. pertaining to or caused by the feelings.

         4. Monica Smith when she’s sick with the cold.

  Yeah,there should be a picture of me,but I would be overwhelmed with get well cards,and my P.O. box isn’t very big.

2 responses to “definition of pathetic

  1. we missed a sad picture of you ! so heres your get well wish,
    hugs and kisses are nice, except
    when they include wet snotty tissues in your pocket!
    I know how pathetic you are when sick,
    so i’m playing it safe and sending you this love note
    from home.
    roses are red and violets are blue, sugar is sweet
    except for you when you have have the flu!
    we love you anyway!!!!! XXXXOOOO

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