Me,the cute little Sunday School teacher

 So,today,this morning to be exact,I had the privilege of teaching eight kids. Ages 4- 11…or 12.

We sang some songs. Wow,they can really sing Onward Christian Soldiers! They also wanted to sing a little song I didn’t know. It’s called The Little Missionary. It was sweet,and as they were singing I was thinking,’go or send…or train them,yourself,in the small town of White Bird,why not?’
I’ve never been around little kids in Sunday School before. Haven’t been around them. They knew these stories I was telling them on flannel graph (ohhhh!). So, I got to ask them questions. ‘Would you share your lunch,if that was all you had and you didn’t know what Jesus was gonna do with it?’ ‘Would you share it with everyone?’ ‘How about your toys?’ ‘Would you share Jesus?’ They were all willing.

 Then we did a craft. Making walnut boats with the little paper sails. They were immensely impressed when I got out the lighter and started melting wax to secure their tooth pick masts. Pretty soon I had all the boys gathered around me. I put on some music for the girls to sing to. We were having such a good time. Then I looked at the clock and asked if they usually leave about then. They said,’oh no,we can stay longer.’

I finally got them a snack and out the door for their mom to pick them up. They asked if I was teaching next week. … 🙂


4 responses to “Me,the cute little Sunday School teacher

  1. It sounds like you had a great class. 🙂 I’m glad it went well for you. Are you teaching again this next week?

  2. Andrea was very possessive of her little boat. Sharing it with Matthew was a big thing. She finally shared it and guess what, the toothpick fell. She kept wanting me to put it back together. Anyway, with all these said, now she doesn’t even know where she put her boat. :)) Oh well, that’s how it goes with little kids.
    She really enjoyed the time when you taught Sunday School.
    Thank you for teaching these precious souls. I pray God will bless you as you bless these kids

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