Classic Chocolate Cake

choc cake 006

choc cake 009


9 responses to “Classic Chocolate Cake

  1. Mwahahahahaha, I have at last figured out how to comment on your blog!!! (Sorry, my computer usually blocks everything, so this is truly a miracle……..) I really like this one cake! Is it made with German chocolate?

  2. YEAH! Oh,Sally,I’ve missed you!
    I was just about to ask someone about you.
    Actually,that is a yellow cake with chocolate frosting. I made the frosting myself that’s why it’s a different color,but it tasted oh so good.
    Love you!

  3. Mmmm, yellow cake with chocolate icing is my favorite! How are things going up there in Riggins? Have you done any swimming, nannying, lying around in the sun trying to get skin canc- uh, a tan, nannying, gardening, cooking, and, just for a change in activity, nannying?

  4. Really? It’s someone elses too. (they ordered it)
    Yes,I’ve been working alot. It’s been hot here. I haven’t been in the sun on purpose,but I am getting a hint of summer on me. Been keepin busy!

  5. My Mom’s birthday was yesterday, so, as it happens, I got to make her a yellow cake with chocolate icing!!!! Other than that, though, I really haven’t made one in a while……(my specialty is pies)

  6. Only three lately. I just got my business cards,so I went out and gve some of those away. Right now I’m working on flyers. That should bring me some more business.

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