This blows me away….

    wow……this girl is amazing

           … driven by eternity 


    please take the time to watch this…you’ll be blessed~

(NOTE; If it’s only playing part one for you, parts 2-6 are below)


One response to “This blows me away….

  1. That is incredible. It actually goes along quite well with a lot of what I have been pondering of late about faith. If we truly believe God is omnipotent and the truth of the gospel and about eternity as God’s Word teaches, shouldn’t we all be more like Deborah? That is definitely a challenge to me, and yet at the same time we have to realize we are also all given different gifts, different strengths and weaknesses. Perhaps Deborah’s primary rule is as a “recruitment officer” to use military terms, and mine is a “drill sergeant.” Not that we aren’t responsible to do both as we have opportunity, but we are going to have our strong areas I think.

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