Kobi part 2

kobi-pupKobi was 3 months old when I adopted him.
He had been adopted before and returned.
“Stictch” got a new name and a second chance.
 He was little and black. His breed was stated as BC/Rotty,but I think differently. 
 I wanted a puppy.I wanted one that would stay small and cute.Hard to come by when all dogs grow up big and not so cute.
 In a kennel few of barking dogs and bads smells,I just wasn’t finding what I was looking for.My dad wanted me to come look at him,on the end,with his sister.We took him outside.He was cute and bouncy,and when you called him he ran up to you and sat. I picked him up and that was all it took. They asked me if that was the dog I wanted. I was like,’I’m not puttin him back down.’
  I also needed a dog that would get along well with Hailey,my mom’s dog.
Needless to say;they did. 8-27-2007-3-14
He loved his baths!
  To this day,I can’t get out a towel without him wanting me to rub him with it.
  He’s always with me.Where ever I am he wants to be. He gets very nervous when I’m gone. If I’m up high or someplace he can’t get to,he’ll try. He tries to climbs latters,trees and even cliffs,just to get to me. If he can’t he sits and whines.
   He sleeps on my feet.He protects me and my kid.He makes little barks to let me know somethings up.
 One night,he went out after a coon,with my parents.They said it was just about as big as him.He was feirce,and brave.From my bed I heard the fight,and and yelp,and I was like,’what are they doing to my dog!’.
  Every morning he wakes me up by licking my hand.Sometimes,if that doesn’t work he gets up and my chest and licks my face.
  He loves everybody! And everybody seems to love him.
       He’s very gentle with small animals.
   He’s very smart. I’ve taught him to;sit,lay down,roll over and shake.
  He’ll also do just about anything I ask him to.
  He’s very attached to me.
       And I couldn’t imagine a day without him!

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