my very full last week

…Wow,has it only been a week?! I’ve had alot going on! And i love it! New and interesting experiences every day! Let’s see since i posted last I’ve; watched a few dogs and cats.had a wonderful Valentines Day! Watched a few kids.Cleaned.Had an extremely blessed Sunday,wonderful sermon,my little one sat still and behaved for the whole 45min.,i was so pleased! Took a hike with with the best friends around! Then we were blessed to have cousins! All choas broke out.What fun!!! We enjoyed three and a half days of visiting. We;visited our grandpa,shot off fireworks,went swimming,ate,took walks,ate,played and ate Yesterday we built a really neat fort down by the river.I’ll be posting some pictures soon. Hope you all enjoyed your week as much as I did mine.1cor1213

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