Cuttin’ the rug!


 Rug Making    

wool-rug-0031  Today my mom and I started making a wool rug.


Here are the skirts and material that was collected.




Next to cut it into strips.






I had a bit to much help.





                     wool-rug-009  Well keep ya posted as the progress continues. 🙂

Well,it’s here!

 I’ve created a page to display my brother’s photos. Check out the page entitled ‘Photos’! And for those of you who haven’t seen it yet,scroll down for the huge egg.

In other news it’s warmed up to 42F. Can’t wait til spring! (And,no,that’s not what’s here.)


Hello blogosphere. This is my very first time in the realm and so I’ll give it a go. As I am proud to say I am a Christian. This is pretty much new to me but I’ll get the hang of it. Like bloggin? Comment below tell me what you think.